After a prolonged period of deliberations and hesitation, the co-founder and chief scientist of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin, finally breaks his silence. However, this is related to the issue where he feels strongly about DeFi’s plans of incorporating conventional-based finance matters. From his viewpoint and opinion, he speaks about his fears and apprehensions regarding the pursuance of institutional capital. However, according to him, this is bound to bring about an incorrect form of regulation. 

However, this is in tune with his thought process, which he now generously shares, of that crypto, at the very present moment, is not at all equipped or prepared to be in the position of being gainfully incorporated with mainstream finance. His personal feelings are that the entire process should be allowed a fair amount of more time, and not at all at this very moment and period. He also airs his genuine concerns regarding the quickening fashion in which the situation transpires. 

Through a couple of tweets, however, he lays bare his point of view on the subject and reveals that, in truth, he is pleased and feels encouraged by the fact that many ETFs are being held up. However, this is about exchange-traded assets, where crypto is concerned.

In his experience, attaching regulatory features in the case of interfering with the inner functioning of crypto is far worse than regulations laid down, yet allowing crypto the freedom to act internally on its own accord. All of this, coming from an authoritative figure such as him, is bound to open the doors for further serious debates on the matter, which again, according to his mindset, will be a welcome factor.

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