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Is ethereum a good investment?

Vitalik Buterin, the Russian-Canadian developer, had an idea to utilize blockchain for much more than financial transactions. He wanted to make something different. And, he created Ethereum. It is widely used by developers to write down their decentralized apps and smart contracts. Its simplicity and security make smart contract technology attractive to a large number of industries. Due to so many benefits, Ethereum has become widely recognized and used cryptocurrency.

Price predictions for Ethereum look quite promising in 2020. Ethereum has actually come a very long way ever since its launch in 2014. With the introduction of Ethereum 2.0, many major changes have been promised. The transactions with Ethereum 2.0 will work much faster. Most of the analysts in the market have high hopes when it comes to Ethereum performance in 2020. The largest hope for this cryptocurrency lies in the upgrade of Ethereum 2.0. If this upgrade works as promised, it will be able to address the scalability and operational issues that wave Ethereum and also make all transaction fee highly competitive. Without any doubt, this blockchain is going to move strength to strength.

Where can i spend my ethereum coin?

If you aren’t a developer, you can use the ETH just like other assets. Let’s find out how and where you can use the Ethereum coins:

Trade Ethereum With Other Cryptocurrencies
In the present market, Ethereum is the second most popular crypto-asset. When you have an ETH wallet, trading Ethereum becomes quite simple. You can even trade ETHER for Bitcoin and other crypto-assets.

Trade for Services and Goods
ETH can also be traded with anybody who has a linked wallet address. Ethereum Blockchain is well-known for a peer-to-peer transaction. This is much faster and cheaper than Bitcoin Blockchain.

Participate in ICOs
You can trade your ETH for a company’s or business’s crypto-assets at discounted rates against what the asset might be actually valued when they are made public. If that project goes high in the market, it can offer a great profit for you.

Exchange ETH for Fiat Currency or Real Money
This is quite a simple process. You can do this via a good, established online exchange. Once you successfully find an exchange, then you can follow their instructions and set up an account. You then need to verify your identity and link it with your bank account for the process.

Ethereum Wallet

You will have to find a place to store your Ether securely. This is what takes us to the Ethereum Wallets. You get many options when it comes to wallets for storing your cryptocurrency. Let us have a look at them:

Mobile Wallets
They are ideal for mobile clients who need to download lesser data to link to the network to make transactions. Since it involves storing your private key on a device detached from the web, it is easier to hack.

Desktop Wallet
This wallet can run on your laptop or PC. You can download the Ethereum client for this. The process may take a couple of days. This wallet should remain in synchronization with the newest blockchain transactions.

Paper Wallet
Another great option is printing or carefully handwriting your private key on the paper wallet. You can then lock it in a secure deposit box.

Hardware Wallet
This wallet is as little as a couple of fingers. It is a secure device that can be detached easily from the Internet. It allows you to sign a transaction even when you are not online.